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Dead in Bed | Read | 1/6/14 11:19AM

Monday, January 6th, 2014. 11:19 am.

Author's Update, Part 1

Thanks for reading so far!

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  1. patvee_
    patvee posted over 3 years ago
    This is so coool
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  2. universe_onfire
    universe onfire posted over 4 years ago
    this isn't available to me?
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  3. annie0626
    annie0626 posted almost 5 years ago
    Had to get back reading author's notes...=) I never knew I've been missing a lot!!
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  4. coldwynter
    coldwynter posted about 5 years ago
    Dang, I don't have Facebook!😥😔
    1. Frosty_
      Frosty replied about 5 years ago
      Same. I just finished the wattpad version. I'm glad it at least had the first part tho
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  5. justagirl
    justagirl posted over 5 years ago
    if only there's the physical version of this novel i'll hunt it down so badly
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  6. Samm242004
    Samm242004 posted about 6 years ago
    Dude I can't get any more blogs cause #1 I can't buy the books and #3 I don't even have facebook like come on I really want to read more fudge cakes ugh 😬😣
    1. Samm242004
      Samm242004 replied about 6 years ago
      #2* stupid phone keyboards ugh
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  7. Vissh
    Vissh posted over 6 years ago
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  8. Vissh
    Vissh posted over 6 years ago
    you're great
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  9. Vissh
    Vissh posted over 6 years ago
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  10. Vissh
    Vissh posted over 6 years ago
    keep it up!
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  11. Vissh
    Vissh posted over 6 years ago
    go girl go!
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  12. Faithinium
    Faithinium posted over 6 years ago
    You are a great writer, so don't worry! ;)
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  13. Bleach
    Bleach posted over 6 years ago
    You go girl!
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  14. xShyanneH
    xShyanneH posted over 6 years ago
    Totally readin this
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  15. Morgan24Elizabeth
    Morgan24Elizabeth posted over 6 years ago
    I hope you never stop writing. I love following Ashley's journey and yours!
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  16. Bleach
    Bleach posted over 6 years ago
    Your writing is really good! Don't let anyone take your talent away from you!
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  17. howe151674
    howe151674 posted over 6 years ago
    Curious about what this medical condition is! Does it get revealed?!
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  18. BbandHockey
    BbandHockey posted over 6 years ago
    I want to know who Bailey is so bad!!
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  19. Tom689
    Tom689 posted over 6 years ago
    Wow, the graphic details
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  20. sksage
    sksage posted over 6 years ago
    I am forever trying to contact you but no reply :'(
    And your story is truly awesome :)
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  21. AJ2002
    AJ2002 posted over 6 years ago
    Your book is really good, it's actually the first mystery/thriller/whatever else it is book I've ever read!
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  22. adityabangari
    adityabangari posted over 6 years ago
    And at start you thought that no one will read this . Lol
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